Many of us have been there: We’ve found the perfect outfit for that special occasion, but it doesn’t quite want to stay put in all the places it needs to. And quite often, it doesn’t, leaving us running out of the party or borrowing a friend’s jacket to hide the rip, tear, or slip that has left us feeling overexposed.

Whether its a backless dress or a J.Lo-style plunging neckline that creates a head-turning effect, there’s always a need for a little backup when it comes to making sure all of our goods stay–well–in the right places.

So we’ve put together a few essentials to have on hand so you can tackle the problem before it ever becomes an issue. Here’s our list of products that can help prevent that ever-dreaded wardrobe malfunction. Hollywood’s most fashion-forward stars depend on some of these gadgets and tapes on the red carpet, and you can too!

After all, it’s not easy getting glam!

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