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Is Meagan Good Finally Getting the Push She Rightfully Deserves?


It has finally happened; Meagan Good finally got a leading spot on a primetime series on North America’s most important broadcast network in the law-enforcement drama “Deception.” Now for me, I’ve been waiting for this a long while to finally see her pushed.

For nearly 30 years, no black woman was cast as the lead of a major network drama. That’s all changed within the last 18 months, as two shows with black female stars now appear on prime time, and more appear to be in the pipeline.

She has been deserving of this for such a long time, but there’s always someone else who gets it. Well now it’s Meagan’s time to shine!

Now NBC has been trying to push Meagan Good for a long while. Is this their chance to finally do it? My answer is yes. This will elevate both her and Kerry Washington (of ABC’s series “Scandal”).

Now honestly, Meagan Good has everything NBC looks for in a top actress. According to most broadcast nets, a lead actress needs general acting talent, good delivery, and some sex appeal. I believe that Meagan has all of these qualities.

As far as it comes to the battle for ratings I think it’ll be a great sell point: Meagan is one of the most talented actresses in the “Black Hollywood” community.

Something I am afraid of though is that there might be the perception of Meagan’s show coming off as a copycat of the ABC series, which is not the case.

I know the ‘community’ wants to start a feud between Meagan and Kerry, but they are insulting her and us because I know I’m not the only one who wants her pushed right?

Let me sum it up.

Meagan Good is an amazing actress who deserves a push. She has just received a spot on primetime television on the biggest network and is looking to win it.

She is just ready to break out, but if NBC is just temporarily putting her in there to push viewership to a choice between Meagan and Kerry then that is just like a big slap in the face to Meagan. Basically I hope the show gets pushed sooner than later.

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