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Stepping Out with Samantha Murdock


In person she appears shy and unassuming but it’s clear that when the attention’s on you she’s all yours.

We had a quick chat with the Licensed Make-Up Artist and former catalog model-turned-entrepreneur just before she wrapped up work on the re-launch of her boutique store’s website, Samantha’s Consignment Boutique. In person she appears shy, sweet and unassuming but it’s clear that when the attention’s on you she’s all yours.

The Fame Life: What’s the biggest misconception people have about operating a boutique store, regardless of specialty?
Samantha: That it’s easy lol. I think people think that it’s a fun and fabulous job and it can be but it’s so much work. I am always working.. Regardless if I’m in my store or not. I’m always answering emails, sending out packages, doing the accounting, marketing,’s never ending. Also dealing with some customers can be trying at times.

What’s the best part of your job?
The best part of owning a boutique is that I am my own boss. I make my own hours and come and go as I please. I also love being surrounded by fashion all the time. Can’t beat that!

If you could only buy one new piece of clothing for the fall, what would it be?
A great pair of high boots.

How does style change you from the outside in?
Depending on what I’m wearing affect my mood..I love comfort and usually dress comfortably but when I’m glammed up, I feel beyond fierce.

Name an item of clothing that would put you into a state – of – horror if you were FORCED to wear it. I’m talking out of the house… To work, meeting with friends on a date…
Flared pants..I hate them!! I really, really do lol

Many women can’t make peace with the size on the tag. Why is it so important to give up waging that inner battle?
Oh I see this a lot! What women have to understand is that no 2 company or designers use the exact same measurement. I can wear a 6 from one store and a 10 in another. On top of that, you have to take into consideration the country that the clothes were made in. Italian sizes differs from French and so forth. It’s best to go up or down a size for the best fit instead of being stuck at a number you think you should be and wearing an ill fitted garment.

What’s the craziest thing you ever did to get a guy to notice you?
Honestly I’m shy and a little introverted so I always wait to be noticed or for a guy to approach me. I’m never the pursuer lol.

What are some of the little forgotten things women (and some men) forget about doing before stepping out to a party or event?
To pack small essentials such as mints, small perfume/cologne, tissues, powder, etc. When you are going to an event, you want to make sure you have these items just in case you need to freshen up a bit.

Five items that MUST be in your handbag AT ALL TIMES?
Lotion (anyone who knows me knows I have serious OCD with lotion), lip stick, business cards, my Mac Powder, and a notebook (with a pen..I know that’s technically 6 lol).

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